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Updated on 28/12/2022

You can send or receive money transfers at the nearest Western Union, MoneyGram or EasyPay locations.

You will also be charged an additional fee for the cash transfer depending on the amount you want to transfer. More information on fees can be found here:

What information do I need to send money?

  • Recipient’s name as it appears on their government-issued ID

  • Recipient’s city/province/state and country

  • Phone number of the recipient

  • Your national passport/ID

Once you send the money you should receive a receipt containing your details and a transfer reference number.

Inform the recipient that they can receive the money transfer at the relevant MoneyGram, Easypay or Western Union office in their country, in exchange for the reference number and a valid ID in which the names match exactly with the ones you have submitted.

When withdrawing the money, some countries may request additional information from the recipient regarding your (the sender's) names, the exact amount and the country from which the transfer was ordered.

What information do I need to receive money?

  • Your national passport/ID

  • A tracking/reference number (ask the sender for this information beforehand)

For more information on required documents, contact Western Union, MoneyGram or Easypay.

What if I don’t have my national passport/ID?

Your registration card as an asylum-seeker in Bulgaria is not an identification document. You cannot use it to send or receive money. You will need your national passport/ID to do that.

Many asylum-seekers do not have access to their national identification documents. In this case, many asylum-seekers find someone who has a valid identification document to send or receive money for them. If you choose to do this, be careful. Make sure you can trust the person. Otherwise, they may scam you and take your money.