Updated on 26/10/2022

Did you come from Ukraine to Bulgaria with your own car? In this case be aware that you can use your car with Ukrainian registration number within the European Union (EU) for a limited amount of time – 6 months from the moment you entered the EU. However, in case you cannot go back to Ukraine after these 6 months, you also have the option to extend the stay of your car beyond this time limit due to the ongoing war.

What is required?

Firstly, temporary protection legal status in Bulgaria is needed.

If you don’t have temporary protection status you can learn how to apply here:

Temporary protection

Secondly, you need to file a free form application to the director of the relevant territorial directorate of the Customs Agency in the area where you have settled. You may find the list of with contacts and addresses of the territorial directorates in the bottom of the article.

Keep in mind that you have to be either the owner of the car, OR an officially authorized representative of the actual owner. I you are not the owner or an authorized representative you cannot apply for this extension.

How do I write a free form application?

The application should contain the following information:

  • Details of the registration number of your car.
  • The model of the car.
  • Details about the owner or the authorized representative (full name, personal number, passport number, birth date, nationality etc.).
  • The place and date of entry into the customs territory of the European union.
  • The duration of your temporary protection. This you can find in your registration card.
  • Your contact details - phone number, email and an address on which you can receive mail.
  • Other relevant information.

The application has to be in Bulgarian language.

In order to verify the information mentioned above, you should also attach to your application copies of:

  • The registration certificate of your car,
  • Written authorization from the owner, in case you are a representative. This authorization has to be signed by the owner and notarized by a notary.
  • Your temporary protection card.
  • Other documents that you may have with you.

Here you can find a suggested template that the team of the Foundation for Access to Rights - FAR has created in Bulgarian, as well as in Ukrainian and Russian. You have to submit only the Bulgarian version to the authorities. The Ukrainian and Russian versions are only there for you to understand the content.

After you submit your application, and if everything is in order, you will receive a certificate for the extension.

How to submit your application?

You can submit your application and the relevant documents:

  • In person at the territorial directorate or at the nearest customs office;
  • Through the nearest post office;
  • By email

Here is the list with contacts and addresses of the territorial directorates here.  

For how long can you extend the stay of your car?

The stay of your car can only be extended for the duration of your temporary protection status.