For more than 10 years, the main mission and goal of the Center for Legal Aid Voice in Bulgaria has been to promote and protect the rights of foreigners seeking asylum, migrants and refugees crossing the border of Bulgaria. The centre's staff is fully committed to upholding the right to a dignified life and access to shelter. They provide expertise in the following areas

Legal aid 

Legal counselling, processing of documents, accompaniment to institutions, visits and consultations in temporary accommodation centres. Representation in administrative and judicial proceedings on national and European level. The Center provides free legal advice to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, holds group information sessions for foreigners detained in Bulgaria.


Each of their campaigns and projects aims to provide visibility to the challenges faced by those seeking legal residency in Bulgaria, to strengthen Bulgarian society's understanding of the humanitarian aspect of the refugee-migrant issue, to facilitate integration processes in our administrations, and to contribute to the creation of independent and sustainable residency pathways for incoming migrants. Advocacy campaigns and activities are conducted aiming at establishing institutional and judicial practices and at changing public attitudes as well as legislation that complies with international and European standards.

Provide expert opinions, conduct research on migration and migration policies and their


Information analyses on the topics of immigration detention and alternatives to detention, deportation of migrants, border repulsion and violence, rights of undocumented migrants and related issues in Southeastern Europe and the Black Sea region - https://detainedinbg.com/about/


Free consultations are held every Tuesday from 10:30 to 14:30 at the office of the Legal Aid Centre – “Voice in Bulgaria”. If you want to request additional hours, please contact the Center! 

Consultations are also provided in Harmanli, 11 Bulgaria Bul. (Mission Wings office) every Friday from 10 am to 16 pm.