Mission Wings is a non-governmental organization which supports, encourages, and contributes to the full expansion of the potential of vulnerable children and adults for achievement of their goals in different areas of life primarily in the region of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. 

The main goal of the foundation is to encourage the personal and social development of children and adults coming from underprivileged groups and communities in the country by supporting their recovery from hardship, contribute to their equality and the expansion of their well-being opportunities.

Services provided: providing information, skills training, mentorship, social support, healthcare consultation, psychological help, legal aid, translations, attendance to institutions and contact points, support with schools and kindergartens; humanitarian aid, provision of shelter to vulnerable mothers and their children.

Social Services Complex for children and families (SSCCF),  Stara Zagora

The social services complex offers a package of services, intended for children and families. Its aim is to carry out deinstitutionalization, prevention of children’s abandonment and their housing in specialized institutions, reintegration, skills training for an independent life, social integration of children from institutionalized care, prevention of abuse and dropping out of school, evaluation, training and support of foster and adoptive parents, consultancy, and support for children with behavioral problems and expressions. The social services complex for children and families in Stara Zagora includes:

A public support center for children and families which offers and package of social services targeting the prevention of abandonment of children and their placement in specialized institutions, reintegration, and preparation of children from institutionalized care for an independent and dignified life, support for foster and adoptive parents, abuse prevention, support for children with behavioral problems and expressions. “Mother and child” Unit – the service offers shelter and support to mothers who due to social, psychological, or medical reasons are at a risk of abandonment of their child.

The material conditions closely resemble the familial ones and life is organized on the principle of the closest resemblance to the natural conditions of the home. The unit provides help in situations of crisis to pregnant women, mothers and children at risk, and those mothers who want to take care of their children but who have social, economic, or everyday problems, which further poses a greater risk for separation of mothers and their child/children. The unit offers:

A safe shelter for mothers and children, pregnant women/underage girls Professional psychological, social, legal, and administrative aid Healthcare services for mothers and children Support and preparation for mothers and children for a life outside of the “Mother and Child” unit The CSC’s capacity is 80 placements, and that of the “Mother and Child” unit – 8 mothers and their babies. To be able to qualify for a placement in the latter, there must also be a child applying.

Advisory center for refugees and migrants in Harmanli

The organization provides social and psychological consultancy; individual and group therapeutic and informational sessions on the topic of gender abuse; healthcare consultations, attendance, welfare aid and advocacy


Integratory activities and attendance by Mission Wings

The Foundation offers Bulgarian language courses, levels A1 and A2 for refugees in Stara Zagora; job-search assistance

Therapeutic work and Blue Room Mission Wings

Therapeutic work and Blue Room – for a child-friendly hearing of children victims of abuse; attendance to the psychiatric ward –priority groups are those of mother with children and heavily traumatized people

Services for women from Mission Wings

Art therapy atelier in Harmanli and a group in Stara Zagora.


For each of the services and activities you can contact Mission Wings on Viber and WhatsApp. On Viber they also have groups for Ukrainians.