Information was updated on 4 April 2023

Personal Identification Code (PIC) is a special code, which you can use to access the online services of the National Revenue Agency’s. With a PIC you can: 

  • Submit online your pre-filled annual tax declaration. See more here: 

Taxes in Bulgaria 

  • Pay  and check your social security contributions and taxes online; 

  • Check the status of your labour contract; 

  • Check the status of your health insurance; and other 

 A full list of services can be downloaded from this link.  

Where can I get a PIC and how to apply? 

You can be issued a PIC at all National Revenue Agency’s territorial offices (NRA) upon application.  

A sample application can be found at this link.   

You can apply for a PIC:  

1. By email: [email protected];  

2. By phone: 0700 18 700  

3. On site at an NRA office  

In the application for the issuance of a PIC, you must specify:  

  • your full name as it is written in your ID;  

  • ENG/LNCH – you can find this number on your ID issued by the Bulgarian authorities;  

  • your permanent address;  

  • phone number;  

  • an up-to-date email to receive confirmation of activation;   

  • the NRA office from which you prefer to receive your PIC.   

To get your PIC, you have the legal obligation to go in person to an NRA office. In case you cannot go in person, you can explicitly designate another person in your application to pick it up and attach a notarized authorization.