Updated on 21 December 2023

What do I need an electronic signature for?

With a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) you can sign documents in electronic form, as well as use some online services such as: 

You CANNOT use a QES when the law provides for a special form of signing a contract – e.g. notarization, presence of witnesses, etc.

You can issue a QES for yourself or for your company.

How can I issue my QES?

Only a qualified trust service provider can issue you a QES. At present, the providers in Bulgaria are:

Important! You can use a QES in Bulgaria only if the signature is issued by one of these qualified trust service providers. Therefore, a QES issued abroad cannot be used as a QES in Bulgaria. The list of QES service providers in each EU and EEA Member State can be found here.

Once you choose which service provider you want to issue your QES, you need to take the following steps:

STEP 1: Go to an office of one of the listed service providers. The addresses are published on their websites.

STEP 2: Present your ID (Bulgarian ID card, international passport).

Important! If you are a beneficiary of temporary protection in Bulgaria, in addition to your international passport, you should also bring your State Agency for Refugees’ registration card.

When creating the QES, some of the service providers do not enter your Personal Foreigner’s Number (LNCH/ЛНЧ), but only your passport details. Ask them in advance if they will enter your LNCH, otherwise your QES may NOT be accepted by the electronic systems of the state administration. At present, only B-trust enters the LNCH upon request. 

If you have authorized someone to issue a QES on your behalf, they need to provide both their own ID and a notarized power of attorney using the template of the service provider. The templates of the powers of attorney are published in the "Documents" section of each service provider's website.

If you are issuing a QES for your company, you must provide:

  • a certificate of current status from the Commercial Register or other document certifying the legal status of your company/organization

  • identity document of the representative of the company/organisation or of the person authorised by him/her. In case of authorisation, a notarised power of attorney in accordance with the template of the service provider shall also be submitted 

STEP 3: Sign a contract for trust services – the contract form is available on the website of the service provider you have chosen. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with its content beforehand.

STEP 4: Fill in an application form for issuance of a QES.

STEP 5: You need to pay a fee for issuing an electronic signature. 

The fee depends on the provider you have chosen, whether you are issuing the QES for yourself or for a company, whether you want a card and reader, and the validity period of the signature. For example, in B-trust the fee for issuing a personal QES with a card and reader for 1 year is 27 BGN. In StampIt the price for 3 years with card and reader is 37,20 BGN.

How long is my QES valid for?

Normally, the validity period of a QES is 1 year, but the respective provider may provide an extended validity period of 2 or 3 years. Consult your chosen provider to find out what options you have.

Before your QES expires you have the option to renew it. To do this, you must pay a fee again. For example, the renewal fee for 1 year at B-trust is 6 BGN if you do it online and 12 BGN if you do it on-site. At StampIt the renewal fee is 12 BGN.

Important! A necessary condition for the renewal of the validity period of your QES is that there are no changes to the data it contains.

Termination of the QES

You cannot use your electronic signature:

  • after its expiry date;

  • if the provider who issued your signature has stopped its activity and ceases to exist;

  • in the event of death or termination of your company for which you issued the QES;

  • if you have requested that your QES be terminated;

  • if you are found to have provided false data (false name, personal identification number (LNCH)/ID number, etc.) when issuing the QES.