H&D Gender Perspectives Foundation

The social services provided as a Complex of specialized social services in the towns of Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad and Svilengrad are:

Informing and counselling people who are victims of domestic violence, or victims of trafficking in human beings, perpetrators of violence and other groups at risk about existing options for overcoming the problems they face

The aim is to provide a safe space where the victim can share their experiences, minimising the impact of the violence they have experienced.

Advocacy and mediation 

As part of the service, an officer accompanies the victim to the institution/organisation to which he/she is referred, assists him/her in communicating with various institutions.

Support and care activities for service users are dependent on their specific needs and oriented to their best interests and may include:

"Therapy and rehabilitation" of people victims of domestic violence, or victims of human trafficking, perpetrators of violence and other groups at risk of existing opportunities to overcome the problems encountered. It is a set of different activities to develop, restore, maintain or improve social skills, communication, resolution of emotional conflicts, behaviour management, reduction of anxiety, improvement of self-esteem, work opportunities, etc., as well as socialisation activities for persons at high risk of social exclusion.




Regional Departments of Education (RDE)

The Regional Departments of Education (RDE) accept documents for enrolling children in Bulgarian schools. 

The Procedure differs depending on whether that child has a document for a completed grade, level or degree of education or another proof of previous education. The different cases require different documents to be submitted in the RDE.