Updated on 28/12/2022

It can be hard to be in a new country where few people speak your language. These apps and services might make your stay in Bulgaria a little bit easier.

Tarjimly can provide you with a free, real-time translator on the phone at any time.

The ICOON for Refugees app is a nonverbal, universal language guide with 1,200 symbols and photos to help you overcome language barriers.

Refugee Speaker  is an app that can help you describe your symptoms when visiting the doctor. It is available in English, Arabic, French, German, Italian and Somali.

With Google Translate, you can translate text in 103 languages. For some languages, you can translate text just by pointing your phone’s camera lens at the text.

With DeepL you can also translate text in 29 languages.

For free Bulgarian lessons you can check these links: