Last updated on 12/01/2024

Assistance for asylum-seekers, refugees and people with a temporary protection status: 

Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria provides social mediation and humanitarian aid for asylum-seekers and refugees as well as to people with a temporary protection status:

  • Information on your rights;
  • Social counseling;
  • Legal counseling on rights and obligations;
  • Referrals for psychotherapeutic support;
  • Integration assistance;
  • Help accessing healthcare services and managing health insurance;
  • Help covering expenses for medications, examinations, and medical procedures (only for urgent/difficult cases - strict criteria appliesy)
  • Help enrolling children in kindergarten and school;
  • Humanitarian aid (when available: clothing, shoes, food vouchers,  hygiene items, household items, toys, etc.)
  • Home visits in cases of Covid quarantine;
  • Referrals to other services and organizations, depending on the individual needs;
  • Interpretation and accompaniment to public institutions and other services
  • Providing access to mental health and emotional support services for people suffering trauma or hardship due to war, displacement or violence.
  • Skills development and cultural exchange activities, discussing gender equality issues.