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Updated оn 07.03.2024.   

Under Bulgarian law, you belong to a vulnerable group if you are pregnant. You are therefore entitled to special care and appropriate medical assistance.

Monitoring your pregnancy

As soon as you find out you are pregnant, schedule an appointment with a health professional to monitor your pregnancy. Early monitoring and checkups are crucial for a healthy pregnancy.   

If you are insured and pay your health insurance regularly in Bulgaria, by law you have a certain number of compulsory examinations that will be free of charge (for example, a single smear, 4 ultrasounds in normal pregnancies and 6 in risky pregnancies, etc.).

Health insurance

If you are an asylum seeker and your international protection procedure is still ongoing   

In this case, the State Agency for Refugees (SAR) pays your health insurance, and you are covered.

If you have refugee or humanitarian status or are with a foreigner with a long-term or permanent residence permit

In these cases, you have an obligation to pay your own health insurance. If you work under a labour contract, then your employer will make the appropriate deductions from your salary to pay your health insurance installments.

If you have temporary protection

Health insurance for Ukrainian citizens over 18 and under 63 for women and under 65 for men is paid by the state for a period of 90 days from the date of receiving temporary protection. Otherwise, you must pay your own health insurance.

What if I am not insured and have no income?

If you have temporary protection, humanitarian status or refugee status or have long-term or permanent residence permit, the state may still cover the costs of your hospital care, diagnostics and treatment in hospitals if you meet the following conditions:

  • you do not have health insurance;
  • you have no income;
  • you do not have any receivables, deposits,  securities etc. with a total value that exceeds 500 BGN;
  • You do not own property from which you can earn money. In this case, if you own only one apartment which you use for living purposes, then this property will not count as one from which you can earn income.
  • You do not have a contract for the provision of property in exchange for a maintenance and/or care obligation;
  • You have not sold any residential, cottage, agricultural or forestry property in the last year;
  • You have not donated a residential, cottage, agricultural or forestry property within the last year;

To benefit from this option, you must submit the following documents upon admission to the hospital:

These documents must be submitted in person through the director of the medical institution to the director of the Social Assistance Directorate in accordance with your permanent address.

Care during pregnancy

Here are some tips on how to take care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy:

  • Maintaining a balanced diet: a balanced diet is vital for the well-being of the mother and the baby. Include a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and dairy products in your daily diet.
  • Regular physical activity during pregnancy can have numerous benefits, including improving mood, reducing discomfort during pregnancy and improving overall well-being. In consultation with your doctor, you can do low-impact exercises such as walking, swimming or prenatal yoga.
  • Minimize caffeine consumption.
  • Rest and sleep. Adequate rest and sleep are crucial during pregnancy. Listen to your body and make sure you get enough rest to maintain your well-being and your baby's healthy development.
  • Immediately inform your doctor if you think there is anything wrong with your unborn baby.

Rights of the pregnant working mother

Find out more about employment conditions and your rights as a worker in Bulgaria:



If you are employed, you have certain rights as a pregnant woman:

  1. Your employer must create a safe working environment for you and your baby.
  2. It is forbidden for pregnant women to work night shifts and more than the normal working hours.
  3. You have the right to refuse to perform a duty if it is dangerous to your and/or your baby's health.
  4. You are entitled to maternity leave. In Bulgaria, you can get 410 days of maternity leave, 45 of which you can use before giving birth.

When the child is 6 months old, you can transfer the maternity leave to the father. If you worked for at least 12 months before your maternity leave, the National Health Insurance Fund will pay you a benefit equal to 90% of your gross salary during those 410 days.

You need the following documents:

  • Sick notes for no more than 135 days, which you must submit to your employer;
  • A declaration form, which you must give to your employer - for each sick note after the 42 day of the birth;
  • A declaration form to provide to your employer for the remainder of the 135 to 410 days' cash benefit;
  • other specific documents, depending on the case.
  1. At the end of your maternity leave, you are entitled to parental leave to raise your child until the age of 2. The amount of benefit you should receive during this leave is BGN 780.

To do this, you need to submit an application form to your employer, which you can download here.

Where to look for support: